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convention. >> david maraniss began researching and writing his tenth book "barack obama: the story" in 2009. he traveled around the world in the his research including trips to to kenya, indonesia, hawaii, kansas and chicago. booktv documented the kenya trip with the author. next, david maraniss sits down with booktv to discuss his book. we show you extensive video from his trips throughout the program. this portion of the program is about an hour and a half. >> author david maraniss has been researching and writing his tenth book, "barack obama: the story." for this project "the washington post" associate editor and pulitzer prize winner traveled across the world to kansas, indonesia, kenya, hawaii, new york and chicago. david maraniss spoke with relatives of president obama in kenya and discovered the president's african ancestral history. he toured the houses where young barack obama lived in indonesia and found the kansas family homes and sites where his mother's family began. and for the next few hours, david maraniss joins booktv to discuss his latest book "barack obama: the story." a
obama, and his challenger, mitt romney. that is the chinks of the second term on too many presidents. 27 of 19 presidents -- only seven of 19 presidents elected to a second term avoid having a troubled or failed second term. that would give the country about a 30% chance of obama and the nation experiencing an improved security of economic climate. after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest that the gamble should not be taken. simply, that history into playing with politics might give us pause. so what does history predicted about a second term for barack obama lacks were he reelected with so few presidents having success at that time in office. what are the challenges that face those who have trouble or failed second terms, and what about others to succeed? and ken barack obama overcome these challenges if he is reelected to become a member of that select group of presidents that waded through the quagmires of second terms come and somehow came through relatively unscathed? success in a second term does not imply that there were not failures, or significant stumbles. some
question that everyone wants to know is how this president obama -- what has he done that's interesting? well, he has yet to really make a mark. he's done a couple of interesting things. shovel ready is really his. they totally spontaneous one is snowmaggedon. the whole city is shut down. he gives a public address and looks out and says this is snowmaggedon. the other one that is his as well, in 2011 he used the term sputnik moment. seeing that this country needed a challenge. an outside moment that would regenerate our interest research and development and education. it may have been too an younger generation. but most of the slogans had not really caught on. the first summer he's in washington, he said it is a strange concept, but in august, this is the time when washington becomes hard to get done. nobody knows what that means but it somehow applicable. does anyone have any questions? yes ma'am. >> i'm surprised you didn't mention the popular ones that we think of. were some presidents just that regular words? >> truman had some nice thihad . each one was kind of different. truman ha
the obama administration is trying take a step further. the clinton administration privatized it in the processing. animals are slaughtered and then they go through another step where they are cut up and processed and packaged. in the processing, privatized system and we have done a lot of work showing how dangerous it is. now the obama administration wants to increase the program, especially for poultry. more than 200 birds a minute of being sent in slaughtered. that is not a misstatement. 200 birds a minute. there is no way there can be any inspection and these are immigrant workers doing extremely dangerous work. people sense that sliced, all sorts of horrible injuries. because of all of the contamination from salmonella, i can't really eat chicken. dip the chicken into chemicals and not really originated with the clinton administration. >> i don't know how much time we have. are there any questions? >> what is the mandate of the usda? and what will it take to fix the >> is basically an agency that the secretary has appointed by the president. and these companies had so muc
, the latino vote very important in getting obama re-elected, and now, you know, the event that the republican party, it seems, that they really do need to change their thinking with latinos, and the issue important to us like immigration. i am very excited about, you know, the way the country is looking at latinos and to realize that, you know, we are an important part of the society. we need to work hard to create immigration reform to help those here to definitely move up, and to become an important power in politics and sectors of the society. very exciting times. >> host: speaking of the 2012 vote and latino vote, did you vote for president obama? are you a citizen today? >> guest: i am a citizen today, yes, aam. >> host: did you support president obama for re-elect? >> guest: i did, i did, i voted for him. >> host: can you tell us why? >> guest: i voted for him because, first of all, di not like the way romney spoke about latinos, about immigrants in general, about what he wanted to do with the immigrant population. i did north support that at all, and i do think that obama is doing thin
now the obama administration is trying to take a step further. the clinton administration privatized it in the processing, you know, meat -- animals are slaughtered, and then they're sent to another step where they're cut up and processed and packaged. so in the processing there's been this privatized system that we've done a lot of work showing how dangerous it is at food and water watch. now the obama administration wants to increase this program especially for poultry, and it would mean that more than 200 birds a minute are being sent, are being slaughtered in a plant. that's not a misstatement, 200 birds a minute. they whiz down the line, there's no way that there can be any inspection of these carcasses. and these are immigrant workers. it's extremely dangerous work. you can imagine people's hands get sliced, people -- all sorts of horrible injuries. and then because of all of the contamination from salmonella, i mean, really, i can't -- i can never eat another piece of chicken. they dip the chicken into chemicals, things like chlorine and trisodium phosphate, and that really or
president obama -- he has yet to really make a mark. he has had a couple of interesting once. shovel-ready is really his. it's hard to find that anywhere. in the first harp he said we have projects that are shovel-ready. snowmaggedon is his. that was a totally spontaneous and monster snowstorm that came through here. he leaves the white house and everything is shut down. he gets to the built in hotel to give an address and he looks out and he says this is snowmaggedon. the other one that is his too in 2011 he used the term sputnik moment. it came up up in his state of the union saying this country needed a challenge, an outside moment that would regenerate our interest in research and development and in education. the sputnik launch in 1957. it may been to a younger generation to defuse because sputnik is probably not as -- as it is to the older generation but i was pretty clever. most of his slogans were not really caught on. the first summer he was in wishing to and he said, and it's a strange construct but he said in august this is the time when the shinki and becomes more -- an
of power; obama in the white house, democrats in control of the senate, republicans of the house. but appearances can be deceiving and in this case are. the most important reality of the election is that the republican effort to oppose anything and everything proposed by obama almost like a parliamentary party was not rewarded. taking the debt ceiling hostage was not rewarded, calling the obama health care plan -- which was their own only a few years earlier -- socialism was not reward withed. rewarded. that means they have to begin to rethink themselves and, importantly, democrats will not automatically embrace the same tactics in opposition. so i think that was the important change that creates a new dynamic not that's going to solve our problems. there's going to be no sitting around the campfire in washington making nice to one another. but the possibility now exists for a real effort and a successful effort to deal with our most pressing problems. >> host: two familiar washington faces, thomas mann and norm ornstein. "it's even worse than it looks." this is booktv on c-span2
that. put the time obama talk explicitly about race. >> that a powerful moment is the first black president talks the least about race. it is the third and fourth and fifth rail. , part of what he tried to do was say let me say something that will bring people together then i won't have to bring it up again. the americans are so fatigued about race, resistant that to bring up that too often they will disqualify from the highest office in the land. but there are ways to address with differences that down to invoke race. but we don't have to have race specific programs to have race equality. but the irony is prepositioned the you would qualify yourself. of so that means he could negotiate this incredibly difficult scenario to stand for the racial possibilities but that would define disqualification. >> host: are white americans particularly oversensitive or to careful about the race card? >> guest: we are all sensitive. but i feel like the difference is often there is a way you can imagine what america in say get over race and move on. we don't have to wallow in what is so perniciou
wants to know is how does our present president, president obama, what has he tone that's interesting? he's yet to really make a mark. he's not done -- he's done a couple interesting ones. shovel-ready is really his. it's hard to find that anywhere in the first t.a.r.p., he said we've got projects that are shovel ready. sonoma get done's his. ing he -- that was a totally spontaneous, this was in the 2011, the monster snowstorm that came through here, and he gets, he leaves the white house, and he gets to -- everything's shut down, the whole city's shut down. he gets to a hotel to give an address, and he looks out and says this is snowmageddon. the other one that's his, too, i think in 2011 he used the term sputnik moment. we came up -- in his state of the union special saying this country needed a challenge, an outside moment that would regenerate our interest in research and development and in education and stuff, as had the sputnik launch in the 1957. it may have been to a younger generation it may have been too diffuse, because sputnik is probably not as big a thing as it is to an
the first years of the obama administration. anne-marie slaughter wrote that she argued the nationstates should see the degree of sovereignty to what she calls transnational networks. vertically, nations should cede sovereign authority of supranational institutions such as the international criminal court. they be something about the nation. supranational institution. fodor maintains such transparent networks, can perform many of the functions of a world government, legislation, administration and adjudication thereby creating a global rule of law. she was the person in policy plan to keep entertained first two years of the obama administration. also richard haas is currently president of the council on foreign relations and was a special assistant to george h.w. bush during the administration of george w. bush served as director of policy and planning and richard haas said it's time to rethink sovereignty. he argues sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but needs to become weaker. states should want to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves. those are some of th
the times silence is not an option the obama administration has provided incentives for value-added indicators to promote teachers. proponents rightfully point* out they are a huge potential up geisha improvement that gives zero weight to any performance and the other hand they have large margins of error to deliver misleading results. they spent more than $100,000 on newspaper advertising campaign built around the headline this is no way to rate a teacher. others argue it has false position that will be abused by parents and public officials who do not understand their limitations of this kind of assessment. doug's digger warns data is inherently no easy. results are often based on a single test taken on a single day by a single group of students. all kinds of factors can lead to random fluctuations like the broken air conditioning unit. that correlation going year-to-year is only about zero point* 35. on the a hand a correlation of year-to-year performance with major league baseball players is also zero point* 35 as the of batting average for hitters. they are useful in is o
of responders. it was called the most urgent need and obama noted the six teams in all speeches. the head a joint task force haiti's said the morning after hundreds of thousands would be extracted. said training exemplified the death -- a vances. heat seeking devices and rescue dogs and microphones. new center and journalist made sure there would not miss a single survivor. a single survivor was is an earthquake in reverse. the tone took on a religious tinge. then york rescue squad pulled out to rebels. said governor schwarzenegger said "many of us revel to watch the california rescuers live on television performing miracles quote for the first team to reach heydey was dispatched from u.n. headquarters and pulled out an estonian bodyguard with minor injuries. at the supermarket we once bought $10 boxes of cereal mostly foreigners were inside when it fell. the general, head of military response "the hotel montana had six teams alone because of the number of people trapped. the places where ordinary haitians lived and worked for those who had cast the numbers had less attention. one hill ov
you think? >> i think somebody is an idiot. there was a big debate about this when obama was selected by the democrats. the idea is that we are beyond noticing or thinking about issues of race. i guess that's what that means. and obviously we aren't. i mean, there are too many things that happen. even the presence of obama and the white house himself and his family raises questions for some people so that while we may be on the way sunday to be post racial, i think it's fair to say that we are not now. >> to you have a relationship? >> no. >> justice for all. mary frances berry. her most recent book. professor at the university of pennsylvania. former chairwoman and u.s. commission on civil rights. here is a history of the u.s. commission on civil rights. mary frances berry on book tv on c-span2. >> you're watching c-span2 with politics and public affairs weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. weeknights want to keep public policy events. every weekend though it is nonfiction authors and books on book tv. you can see past programs and get our schedules at our website. yo
that president obama is heir to end the arguments that now filled in this last election of conservatives that those things have presented a legacy that the american policy should recheck. barman has given us an idea that american greatness can be reasserted. al regnery has given its principles of the american constitutional order a new called for a principled moderation. do any of those that to another bright line of the kind of whittaker chambers is able to draw for us and does keep american conservatism? >> well, i think you pose a very, very difficult problem. the bright line that chambers drew did not hold all that firmly even then. there were violent arguments about what constituted to patriotism for loyalty. nobody argued espionage is a good thing, bad the accusation was always made that all this death was an attempt to discredit liberalism and the new deal. we now have dinner on time, we've heard it said that since obama was and not face with the highest form of patriotism. i don't buy that. i don't buy it at all. and of course the democrats no longer say that. you know, i hardly
, the obama administration has provided financial incentives for states to provide value add educators for paying and promoting teachers. proopinion anyones point out they're a huge potential improvement over systems in which all teaches are paid in a system -- many experts warn these assessments have large margins of error and can deliver misleading results. the union representing the new york city teachers spent more than $100,000 on a up in advertising campaign, built around the headline, this is no way to rate a teacher. opponents argue the value added assessment creates a false impression used by parents and public officials who do not understand the limitations of of this. everybody is right up to a point. a man works extensively with value added data for teachers, warns that these are inharen day noisy. the results are based on a single test, taken on a single day, by a single group of students. all kinds of factors can lead to random fluctuations, anything from a particularly difficult broken student to a broken air conditioning unit clanking away in the classroom while testing
during the election was the time when obama had to come houston and talk explicitly about race. >> host: in philadelphia. >> guest: right here in philadelphia. one of the ironies -- so many ironies but one of the powerful ones is the first black president actually is a person who can talk least about race. for him it's a third rail for everyone, it's the third, fourth, and philadelphia rail for him. there's something about race he knows he can't discuss, and part of what he tried to do in that moment was to say, let me say something i think is going to bring people together that is forward thinking and hopefully i'll never have to bring it up again. in some ways it's paranoia. the idea is americans for fatigued about race. so resistant to thinking about racial inclusion, that to even bring up the idea of race too often, folks are going to disqualify you from the highest office in the land and you're not going to be a president for all americans. the positive is there are ways to address all kinds of differences that don't invoke race but brings everyone in. that's a nice model. we don't
to to show it's dwhra georgia laura. -- [laughter] obama jocks about having a funny name. it was actually a pretty good name to rhyme. unfortunely i used up the rhymes with bin laden, slap your momma. i get worried when they start talking about presidential candidates. i did similar book to this in 2008 called deciding the next decider. along -- we shouldn't be afraid of the word open epic. a poem interrupted by other poems. it's the same sort of book it has prose in it. we call it a for prose. gingrich aware that her husband cheated on and loved two seriously ill lies desperately tries to make light of a bad cough. [laughter] newt things it sounds like ben-gay fever. last time we had good candidates not only for rhyme but just in general. john edwards, i wrote a poem called "yes i know he's a mill worker's son but there's hollywood in that hair." or sarah palin, of course, for whom i wrote her version of the barbara stray sand classic "on a clear day i see --." [laughter] and this time when they -- and in 2008 when they started talking about candidates, it seems impossible to believe now
, that the president also has to show that he's willing to make a good compromise. and i believe president obama has in fact done that. >> host: how so? >> guest: the president has said and reached out across the aisle on various things with regard to economic reform, tax reform, immigration reform. i think that there's little doubt the president would be willing to compromise if the other party is willing to meet him part of the way. the other party job is to see how much it came at for its side and giving the issues we've been through, such as the fiscal cliff, the fact is there's no way out of these issues without compromise. i do think we will see compromise on something like immigration reform because democrat fixes destiny and the republicans as well as democrats recognize that they have to show some support for immigration reform if they're not going to in the case of republicans, lose the hispanic population permanently to the republican party. so the president has already, i believe, shown willingness to compromise and all that data show that republicans are the party has moved further to t
days of booktv this weekend, monday, featuring authors and books on the inauguration, president obama and martin luther king jr.. >> last week booktv attended the key west literary seminar in florida. today from noon to 3:00 eastern we bring several of their talks and panels from the event. paul hendrickson, robert richardson, jeff gawker, and many more present and discuss their books. next, cynthia helms, widow of richard helms, recounts her life. she drug in england and served in world war ii, calls for introduction to the world of secret intelligence via her husband, the internal politics of the cia and the couple's time spent in tehran as richard helms served as american ambassador prior to the iranian revolution. this is about an hour. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. very kind of you, nice event you allowed us to have here. i am most grateful to you and i thank you for coming. cynthia is quite right. five years -- if you knew richard helms you didn't dare argue what was in the cards with him. what we were going to tehran i finally said to him can you cope the box? he said wha
authors and books on the inauguration. president obama and martin luther king jr. >> have been trying to find a new lens, a new way of studying presidential character. about 12 years ago i wrote a book on the first lady's. the body of knowledge on lincoln pretty much everything that could be written probably has been. the greatest historian says been years poring through the letters and the evidence to produce this book on lincoln of this book and the hundreds of books on washington. so my problem is, why not look at the person that new them the best, the first lady because historians have largely ignored the role of the first lady as the largely ignored the mistresses and shipping the man. tend to be older man, educated in a certain way. most historians, as i always say, were not educated in matters of the heart. studying the first lady, the first thing thomas jefferson did after spending 17 days cooped up in of lost outside a philadelphia writing the declaration of independence, the first thing he did is he went shopping for market, his wife. he mr. she was pregnant. she had had a m
a obama which will baldy york city we were all familiar with the air and carrying a briefcase. so these two bombs came down and the conventional explosives one of. miraculously not hurting anybody puts within the bounds of the. that means that the plutonium which is about the deadliest substance that we could imagine all came out. the black clouds. miraculously -- normally the wind blows off the sea. for some strange reason that day the wind was blowing off the land. most of the plutonium was blown out into the mediterranean, not the debt that was necessarily such a great thing either, but it was better than it landing on these poor people. but some of the plutonium was spread all around. some of the people left. they may have gone through a chamber with their wash them down with anti radiations tough. they went into the chamber leaving they're close behind compositions, everything. just their bodies cannot the other side of the chandler. and for many, many years, at least 25 that i know of the people were given urinalysis to see if they had been infected by the radiation. what th
the simplicity of president obama as a symbol of massive racial progress is often overstated so it makes the argument are complicated when people say our work is finished as america and the great racial project of equal opportunities, it really isn't. having a black president is a shortcut to avoiding difficult conversations and work we still do as a
is wondering what is going to happen. what advice would you give to mccain or obama of the should do once they are elective or should they wait until they are inaugurated to say what they are going to do? >> the question is if i could repeat, another excellent question. the parallel between lincoln and fdr not doing anything in the four months that they faced the real crisis as compared to the crisis the next president will inevitably face and whether he should be involved. i will say quickly as daniel weinberg knows one of the inspirations for the book was jonathan alter's book on clinton's roosevelt first 100 days with strong sections on the president-elect and i still remember vividly which is the good thing about the book remember building reza on march 2nd or 3rd. you've got to do something about the crisis and signed a document. we have to be together to ensure the country to read we may keep them in the white house. lincoln did the same thing. he wouldn't declare any policy about facing down secession about every aspect that is compromised. he secretly discussed with the republican
, we'll change. i was campaigning or for president obama in seattle and was with a amazing supportive housing organization there that showed they had 23 the homeless people that they looked at their medical expenses, um, for the year before they came into their supportive housing and the year after. 23 people, today saved their local hospital a million dollars in medical expenses, buzz away -- because we all know it's far or more expensive to leave somebody especially if they have a mental health issue, it's far more expensive to lee -- to leave them on the street. i went to visit some of the residents. i met one man who now was with teaching people about cooking and making contributions. so we have a backwards way of thinking about this. this is why i think our criminal justice system in america is the most -- if you're a republican, that should be your biggest cause to go after, because it's big, wasteful government that doesn't need to be that way if we were empowering people to succeed on the front end. >> mayor, we're going to make you late, so i'm going to offer one thought befo
authors and books on the inauguration, president obama and martin luther king jr.. >> last week booktv attended the key west literary seminar in florida. today from noon to 3:00 eastern we bring several of her talks and panels from the event. paul hendrickson, robert richardson, and many more present and discuss their books. >> fred. this is the white house correspondent and author of the right frequency:the story of the talk radio giants who shook up the political and media establishment. what a talk radio giants we are talking about? >> today you have rush limbaugh, glen beck but this goes to the very beginning, walter winchell, it shows the trajectory of how talk radio began, the beginning of radio. i use this as a history of the united states since 1920 through the lens of talk radio. >> going all the way back what year are we talking about? >> we are talking about a 20s. the dean of commentators, the first guy i talked about in here, walter when shall -- walter windchill with a hard-core new deal supporter, he shifted in the 1950s, became a strong anti-communist joe mccarthy suo
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)